Fresh Fish

We get a daily supply of top quality Fresh Haddock, Cod, Salmon, Hake, Monkfish, Seabass and other fresh fish to order from our suppliers in Peterhead, Scotland.

Frozen at Sea Fish

We stock a large variety of Frozen at Sea fish which includes Haddock, Cod, Plaice, Hake, Monkfish, Tilapia, Lemon Sole, Halibut, Panganoise, Pollock and Prawns.  All our fish we buy from sustainable stocks which have the Sustainable Fishing emblem (MSC), to ensure the sustainability of fish stocks for years to come.  


Wholefish and Steaks

We sell a variety of Wholefish and Steaks including Swordfish Steaks, Tuna Steaks, Halibut Steaks,Whole Sardines, Dover Sole (Whole), Calamari (Whole Squid) and Whitebait.  

Breaded and Battered Fish

We sell a large range of Battered/Breaded Fish including Fish Cakes, Salmon Fish Cakes, Jumbo Breaded Fish Fingers, Breaded Plaice Goujons, Battered Cod/Haddock Fillets, Breaded Haddock/Cod Fillets, Breaded Plaice Fillets, Whole Tail Scampi and Battered Squid Rings.

Smoked Fish

Our Smoked fish range includes Scottish Sliced Salmon, Salmon Sides, Yellow Smoked Cod, Undyed Haddock Fillets, Mackeral Fillets, Peppered Mackeral, Manx Kippers, Boneless Kippers, Kipper Fillets and Smoked Trout Fillets.   

Shell Fish

We stock a large range of Shell Fish including Tiger Prawns, Picked and Potted Shrimps, Mussels,  Dressed Crabs and Mixed Crab Meat, King Scallops, Atlantic Prawns, Greenland Prawns, Crevettes,  Ocean Sticks, Cockle Meat, Welks Meat, Green lipped Mussel Meat, Roll Mops, Crayfish Tails.

Cooked Chicken Portions

We sell Cooked Chicken Breasts, Half Chickens, Chicken Nuggets and Battered Chicken Breast Steaks in a variety of sizes to suit.

Ready Cooked Pies

We sell Ready Cooked Pies including Cheese and Onion, Chicken and Mushroom, Minced Beef and Onion, Meat and Potato, Steak and Kidney and Steak and Kidney Puddings.

Sausages/Turkey Sticks/Cheese Fryits

We sell the popular Wilson's Frying Sausage in 4oz (Jumbo) and 2oz(Small) Size. We also sell Cumberland Sausage to order.

We also sell Turkey Kebab Sticks and Cheese Fryits.

We now also stock the famous McWhinneys sausages; Gold 4s and 8s, Premium 4s and 8s and also the 'Footlong' Sausage!

Dry Goods/Oil/Packaging/Dry White Goods

We also offer a large range of extras to meet all of your Fish and Chip needs! These include Frymax Oil, Peas, Flour, Curry/Gravy mix, Potato/Pea Preparation, Fish and Chip Trays/Cones/Carriers in a variety of sizes and a selection of Dry White Goods including Dry White Powder, Cooking utensils and all other Fish and Chip shop necessities. For more info or for a Dry White catalogue please get in touch.

What to know more? Give us a ring to discuss prices and products on offer!

Please call us on 01524 61228 01524 61228 or use our contact form.

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